Chris Anderson has been an influential presence on the jazz scene for many years. In the 40s and 50s, he played in Chicago with many greats: Sonny Stitt, Gene Ammons, Sonny Rollins, Charlie Parker and Clifford Brown. Tenor saxophonist, George Colman recalls that among the many great musicians who were in Chicago when he arrived Chris stood out as one of the most inspirational.

"His harmonic creativity is like no other that I have ever heard. Chris comes up with innumerable motifs, each one different at any given time. He is one of the great musicians who should be recognised by all the jazz media. Chris is truly a musicians musician."

Jazz great Herbie Hancock regards Chris as a major influence on his work:

"Chris's music has affected the core of my music very deeply. After hearing him play just once, I begged him to let me study with him. Chris Anderson is a master of harmony and sensitivity - I shall be forever indebted to him and his very special gift."

Now living and playing in New York, Chris continues to be an influence on a new generation of musicians.

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